Characters a song of ice and fire

characters a song of ice and fire

George R.R. Martin's world of Song of Ice and Fire, contains hundreds of complex and vivid characters, spanning multiple storylines and. This is a list of characters who play a role in the novels, novellas or other expanded canon. Can you name the characters who are most mentioned by name in the Song of Ice and Fire series? Test your knowledge on this literature quiz to see how. characters a song of ice and fire Fifteen years before the events of the series, the infant Aegon was reported to have been killed with his mother and sister by Gregor Clegane. Poker 888 rankings Frey Emma Emmon Cuya knight called "the Yellow". He is sent on a mission into the lands beyond the Wall to search for a missing ranging party, but he and his men also disappear. Son of Ser Colin Florent. The success of these ambushes earns him the nickname the Lightning Lord, also reference to his coat of arms.


5 Interesting Minor Characters in A Song of Ice and Fire & Game of Thrones


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